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What is this?

Infinite Weft is a weaving simulator that generates endless, non-repeating patterns.

It works the same way a real-life loom works - indeed, the patterns (called draw-downs in the weaving world) can be downloaded and used to make textiles.

Unlike a real-life loom, this one can weave endless patterns; it can literally weave forever without repeating itself. Currently the endless pattern is being generated using Wolfram's Rule 30. Other methods of pattern generation are coming soon.

How does it work?

The simulator is built in Processing, and implemented in Processing.js. You can see the source code here. If you're interested in weaving, check out this introductory page, or get lost down the rabbit hole that is Ralph E. Griswold and his amazing archive of weaving patterns, papers on weaving & mathematics, and other fascinating resources.


The art of hand-weaving is fading memory. Yet, it's incredibly fascinating from a mathematical perspective, and from the angle of computational history (Jacquard looms were a big influence on the first computers, and the binary logic of weaving is closely tied to the base logic of computation).

Weaving also has a great deal of personal meaning to me. My mom, Diane Thorp, is a master weaver, and I think being surrounded by textiles and their underlying mathematics was a huge influence on me and my work. This project is an attempt to re-embrace some of those beginnings, a chance to work with my mother, and a foundation for more work with real, physical looms.